1902: Images for Posssible Use in an Article

As I develop the outline for an article that will cover American automobile racing during the 1902 season, I am considering the images that I might use in that article.

The incident on Staten Island on 31 May is, of course, one of the major focal points that needs to addressed. The Baker Torpedo is an important part of the Staten Island speed trials, so I want to include several images of the ill-fated electric vehicle.


This image of the Torpedo appeared in the automotive journal, Motor World. Although easily the best of the images that I found for the Torpedo, it needs a bit of cleaning up if I am going to use it in the article.


This is the image that I will probably use in the article.

I also wish to provide a schematic drawing of the Torpedo and the Motor World article also, fortuitously, provided one:


However, I want to provide a clearer idea of the location of the batteries powering the Torpedo while also giving a better contrast as to the internal configuration of the vehicle:


I was also looking for an image of a machine on a track and found this image of Harry Harkness driving his Simplex-Mercedes at the Grosse Pointe race meeting:


However, it is a big image with a small car…


I like this image much better and thought that I might wish to consider making it look similar to many of the images that one finds in the early American automotive journals:


At this point, I think that I now have at least three images that I will use in the article.

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